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someone who does a fine art, like painting masterpieces, but acts like they are better than everyone else
Herman is very artsy-fartsy when people start talking about their jobs.
by AcousticEmo December 04, 2008
1. the fat gassy guy in your art class
2. a bathroom artist
1. "Jeff is so artsy-fartsy. Give him my Gas-X."
2. "I don't care if you're artsy-fartsy Peter, get out of the damn bathroom!"
by Senor Spam January 14, 2007
A really nerdy piece of art. Usually liked by confused poetic girls in their 20's. May contain polka-dots and ramdomly arranged colors.
Look at that pair of artsy fartsy reading glasses!

The thick pink ones with black polka-dots?

Yeah, those!
by NateAbel May 09, 2005
An extremely stupid and dorky way to say that someone is artistic.
Hi, I make birdhouses! I'm artsy fartsy!
by Jordija April 01, 2004
when you fart under the blanket to get rid of the smell of your best friend and her ex-boyfriend's make up sex
Hannah: Laura! Your artsy fartsy reaks! Get that shit outta here!
Laura: Hannah! I'm just trying to get rid of the scent of your vag and his penis, united!
by fucking wizard March 03, 2011