Another way of saying horny. More commonly used in the artistic, theatre crowd. Often used in the darkness of backstage during late night rehearsals, when everyone is tired and laying on top of each other. Mostly used as a joke, or to inadvertently say you're really attracted to someone or a group.
"Mmmm, it's so warm back here. Got me feeling real artsy.
by fiftysix45 January 12, 2013
1. The word used by teenage girls to describe a photo that is somewhat aesthetic. Especially when the majority of what they and their friends post is crap.

2. The word used by teenage girls to describe actual art created by someone who actually makes art. Usually too artistic for them to comprehend. They mean it as a compliment to the artist, but lack the knowledge and skill to give an educated compliment such as "I like the composition" or even something as simple as "Cool".
1. *girl 1: Posts photo of feet with the sky in the background and says some dumb quote.

*girl 2: Artsy

2. *me: Posts long exposure shot of a lake with fireworks in the background. The water appears very glassy and the fireworks are vivid and bright. I spent the duration of the fireworks show trying the find the right position with my tripod and adjusting the camera settings. This photo is perfect.

*girl: Artsy
by the_great_dinosaur July 19, 2015
an overused and ambiguous adjective GENERALLY used by people who are phobic to art used to label anything involving it...the connotations are endless. It's only appropriately used when applied to some hipster that needs a reality check; using histogram or any of those distorting phone apps to make your pictures look vintage does not make you an artist or even artistic. If you come across any misuse of the word, for the love of god, tell whoever said it to stfuad
(correct use)
naive kid: holy shit did you see those photos of the beach that Julia just posted on Facebook?! she did it all on her phone and even reorganized them to fit the same frame...they look so talented. she should apply to RISD or something...
smarter kid: *sees uploaded via histogram* that bitch is just artsy...she's got no talent; the programmers who designed this app do

stupid high school girls:
-hey did you see that senior's application for, like, Copper Union or whatever!? omg soooo artsy!!
-omg ya, like, he's weird, or something
-ya ikr?!?
by giant veiny alien penis April 29, 2012
To be overly expressive in the need to stand out from others and make an aesthetic statement. A forceful expression of art.

Different from an aesthetically inclined person that makes art flow naturally.
"Why are that dudes spacers the size of mini-cd's. He doesn't seem comfortable. ", "He's just being artsy"
by russki1 December 25, 2009
A corruption of art, in both verbal and visual form. People who use this term are apart of the trendy set and feel as though they do not have to adhere to proper grammatical syntax. It's also used by airhead bimbos because it's "uber kawaii".

Also see: fucktarted.
Dude: Dude, I am so artsy man!

Other guy: The fuck is artsy?
by Shadowpawn April 25, 2008
an adjective used by many art students to describe their slutty behavior. Usually used in the context of nude pictures or slutty actions. It is a synonym for "slutty" and used to make slutty girls feel better about their actions.
"That picture isn't slutty, it's artsy!" (when referring to nude pictures being taken of a girl with tattoos that is obviously being used for non pure personal indulgences similar to that of playboy)
by spoiledbitch February 16, 2009
Not necessarily a person that indulges in artistic activities.

Artsy people may wear lots of brown, orange, and sometime dirty clothes; They can occasionally be referred to as "fugly" or "bitch", although not all artsy people are fugly or bitches.

Kid1: Check out that artsy girl over there!

Kid2: I think fugly is a better word for her.

Kid1: Yeah, you're right. I guess her ugly brown clothes just covered up her filth and repulsiveness.
by Iamlegendboy March 22, 2009
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