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A common disease found among people who suck dick at drawing, painting, stamping, or any other artistic variation. Sufferers may find themselves sucking dick at one specific type of artistic endeavor, but being not too bad or even good at another. In the worst cases, sufferers just suck dick at everything art-related no matter how much effort they put forth. A very good justification for being fucking terrible at anything art-related. Similar to artistically challenged, just a better excuse.
Person A:"Dude, your photography skills are amazing! But what's that piece of shit painting you created over there?"
Person B: "Don't criticize that, I suffer from partial artistiphism."

Teacher: "Johnny, your work is complete shit. You're getting a D in art class."
Student: "Teacher, you can't give me a D! I suffer from acute artistiphism!"

Doctor: "I'm sorry, but no matter how much effort you put into art, you will always suck ass dick. You suffer from artistiphism."
by pee-223 May 26, 2014
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