a person who is skilled in or specializes in something
I would respect her more if she weren't such a gossip artist.
by The Return of Light Joker February 18, 2012
A person that lies a lot. A "B.S. Artist" is one who tells incredible stories and for the most part, expects you to believe it. Someone who stretches the truth way too much.
Someone who is always the "hero" and saves the day or can out do anyone else doing anything else. He has done it at an earlier age, faster, better, made more money doing it, had anything and everything better than anyone else.....Oh, but just can't show for it or prove it. (aka a BULL SHIT ARTIST)
1)We got a guy that works in the warehouse that says when he was in boot camp, he punched the drill Sargent in the nose and told him to "shut up, I'm not gonna do any more push ups". What an artist, I met his mom at the post office, she said that he lived at home until he was 23 and worked at wal-mart until he got this job.
2) I met a guy on the flight back from Atlanta that says he put a Corvette engine in his Honda Civic and it will do 190mph, what an artist.
by x raytech2011 September 26, 2012
Someone who wears a bitter scarf and burns concert pianos in manors while masturbating and to operas very loudly with a bourbon in one hand.
-Miss, have you heard on the news about that freak?
Art Teacher
-He was simply an artist.
by Djfreaxxx December 04, 2011
Hipster definition of a bum. Usually drop outs or community college specials around the age of 19-20.
Matt: Can I bum a stoag?
Jeff: Yeah, for a buck, its 9 bucks a pack dude.
Matt: I'm short man, I haven't gotten payed yet.
Jeff: That's because you're a fucking bum who doesn't look for work
Matt: No, I'm an artist, my paintings just haven't taken off yet and my band's been too busy to record.
Jeff: Oh. Well in that case, go fuck yourself.
by hipsterforlifeJK July 16, 2011
Someone that isnt realy good at anything, but just calls themselves an "artist" because its alls they realy hav :\
Ashfaque: Hey Shamima, what do you do?
Shamima: Im an Artist
Ashfaque: What does that job consist of?
Shamima: Nothing
Ashfaque: :\
by AshyBashy March 16, 2012
generally disputed amongst peers and an audience, sometimes overrated, underrated, poor in skills, or professional etc. but thats why I put in the word "disputed"!
Im and artist who doesnt distribute themeself for the good of the art
Short version: A moron

Long version: Someone who believes that "creativity" and "individuality" is the highest point which man can achieve, despite the fact that they provide no valuable service or advancement to society as a whole. They are little more than entertainers who have the gall to say that they are more important because they find "meaning in everything." Usually imbibe mass quantities of drugs. Often despise scientists for being too "shallow" or "narrow minded."
Scientist, dragged to art museum by a group of well meaning friends: "I see no point in this. It's a bunch of liquid pigments splashed randomly onto a large canvas."

Artist: "But, can you not see the passion infused into the painting? The inherent desire to escape conformity through abstract expression?"

Scientist: "No... and if this is escaping conformity, then why are there 20 more of these, all by different people?"

by Sciencenut1 August 11, 2011

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