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An awesome pop-punk band descending from Dallas, Texas. The band consists of 5 members: Tarcy Thomason (vocals), Craig Calloway (guitar), Joe Kirkland (guitar), Joe Westbrook (drums), and Jason Dean (bass). Their tour manager is a lamb/sheep with the name of Milton Dean, which Jason forgets to bring on tour! So as a replacement, they must use their pet hippo, Jacoby. This group of guys is usually talked by 2 common females by the names of Audrey and Anyssa. You can frequently find them commenting on their myspace.

CAUTION: Artist Vs Poet may burst into random screaming!
Anyssa: Hey did you hear about that awesome band?
Audrey: Oh! Artist Vs Poet?
Anyssa: YEAH! that one! I just commented Tarcy, JoeK, Craig, JoeW, Jason, and Milton!
Audrey: OHHH ME TOO!
by freakinaudsomeeee December 27, 2008
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