Fat (F-A-T as in obese, not P-H-A-T as in cool). A totally gross man, inable to perform sexual acts due to size, he/it instead stalks women belonging to other men and tries to instigate an affair which never works out as he/it is foul then he/it proceeds to lie and stalk said victim accumulating the point of an attempted leg humping which results in a beating.
Most often sighted in South Eastern Washington, near the Oregon border, not too familiar with human speech patterns, does not understand speeach such as, "Artie, stop calling at 3 in the morning!". Be warned if you come across this creature! Calling the name Artie out when spotted could lead to a lardaceous(cholesterol filled, fat, fatlike, greasy) pursuit, which trust us, you don't want.
by Jean Loree November 25, 2006
Top Definition
The strongest man in the world. Pete Wrigly, the younger's, personal super hero. He lives in a porta-john and has super strength. He sees to it that all in the world is "Pipe!"
Favorite lines include:

Well call me a truck and slap me 'till Wednesday.

I do not think you can catch me for I am super freaky.


Come my little viking.
by Chelle December 27, 2003
The strongest maaan....in the woorld
"Your weapons are useless against me!"
by Jaku May 07, 2005
The strongest man. . .in the world.
Soon you will be like cheese, boy: melty, melty, melty!
by Alex Strickland December 13, 2003
A stong man. He is loving and caring. He always has girls going for him. Super funny guy. The best frined a person could have. Very athletic!
Artie - strongest man on earth! Super athletic
by LoveArtie7253 January 24, 2015
1. verb (infinitive: to artie) meaning to make someone a third wheel or to put them in the friend zone.

2. adjective describing one who is a third wheel or in the friend zone.
1. By asking her out to lunch instead of dinner, he put her firmly in the friendzone, and she felt she had been artied hard.

2. She was artie when the party dwindled down to herself and a couple who were seriously into each other.
by Chodi Foster August 01, 2010
Noun: Fat Wop
Stared in "Dirtie Work" and cameo'd in "Old School". Took over Jackie's spot on "The Howard Stern Show" and it has never been better.

Loves Jack and water, Pizza, Coke, bread, and all foods.
I lost my girl, Dana.... "Atrie"
by DOug August 19, 2004
A false fart, usually performed in a crouching or fetal position by allowing air into the rectum and pushing it back out again.
A: They were having an artie contest and someone shot a boulder!
B: Sick! ... Wait, so who won?
A: I did. I got like twenty seconds.
B: Nice!
by thiudans November 21, 2006
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