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The act in which someone uses their teeth on a penis, during a blowjob, in a scraping motion, similar to how one would eat an artichoke
"Dude, my penis is killing me. My girlfriend completely artichoked me last night."
by The Kosher Berger December 05, 2007
The want to strangle someone based solely on something they did or created, that angers you beyond belief. This is the top-o-the-line "I've had it" response
I artichoke the person that came up with cloth diapers.

I artichoke him for hitting on my girlfriend like that!
by mrman0315 February 04, 2010
A phrase used in expressing affection or love to someone, synonymous with the sentence "I love you."
Dobby: Hey Yuki, Artichoke~
Yuki: Artichoke~
by Talena May 16, 2008
A shapely,sexy girl with gorgeous eyes and a sweet smile.A rare find as there is only one documented and verified artichoke in the whole world.Has a slight tendency to be a pain in the ass.
"Holy moly...that artichoke is hot!"
by Zipperhead March 01, 2005
when a girl deep throats a dick so far she throws up, and the dude continues to wack off with her vomit.
"i artichoked with genna last night" "dude are you serious?" "hell yeah" "dude thats f*cking gross"
by marissy April 26, 2008
A vegetable. A horrific vegetable. A tasteless horrific vegetable. An ugly looking tasteless horrific vegetable. A disgrace to vegetables, ugly looking tasteless horrific vegetable. A greenish disgrace to vegetables, ugly looking tasteless horrific vegetable.

Historians say that this name was given to the vegetable in the far past. Back then, there was an unknown artist, who made really nice paintings. Everyone saw them, and recognized his work, but no one knew his name. One day, he was found dead, choked by a weird vegetable he tried to eat. Everyone mourned sadly for days, because Art had lost a great contributor... Thus, they decided that this plant is a choke to art and evidently, they came up with artichoke.

Warning: Parents have the weird tendency to force their kids to eat it. Kids, avoid it at all costs. They don't know what they are telling you!
Here girl, eat it, it's good for your health! (Typical parental LIE)

- What the h#*( is this? It tastes HORRIBLE!!!
- It's an artichoke...
- Oh... figures...
(things that happen to the ignorants...)

He/she looks like an artichoke! (A mistake of nature)

You have the brains of an artichoke! (Expression which signifies the astonishing lack of cognitive skills, combined also with an accompanying behaviouralistic pattern that can be attributed to a farting monkey)
by Ninimwro April 02, 2005
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