an artard is a dog who is stubborn but very cute
Nene, you little artard, hurry up!
by jed357 January 13, 2009
Artards are litte people who try to be big and insult other people but fail little Aimee's
Aimee is an Artard at life.
by Brandon Meyer December 14, 2007
computer nerd talk for retard, only a true computer nerd could think this word up. also used in south park.
no this is not just a computer game it is a online RPG with team speak you artard!!
by Ryan Neve October 10, 2006
Dennis, the night manager at the Dough Bowl in New Orleans. His managerial skills include threatening to be a hardass, getting in the way, and telling bad stories that involve his fat ass taking a shit while eating peanut butter. He had to trade in his trailer for a doublewide when he got married just so his elephantine wife could get through the door. But, ya know, at least he spends lots of time with his two kids, who aren't really his, WHEN HE'S NOT TELLING THEM TO GO AWAY AND LET HIM CONCENTRATE ON HIS FUCKIN HALO! First person to come to the dough bowl and get rid of my horrible boss eats free for the rest of the year.
Dammit, artard, mop the floor!
by disgruntled cook December 07, 2004

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