Someone who is incapable of making or understanding art.
You can't draw, paint, or paper mache for shit!

you are such an artard..
by punch!uation December 12, 2010
Someone who doesn't know/understand what it is like to be an artist or their work.
Person #1: *looking at artwork* Hey! How come this person has no legs?

Person #2: Because it's not finished...

Person #3: Wow. What an Artard.
by Emilye February 17, 2011
a weird way or saying retard
oh my goodnes you are such an artard!
by samantha chick a dee September 15, 2009
A person who when gets extremely intoxicated does extremely stupid stuff
Cameron was being an artard when he tackled that cop outside the bar
by 89redneck April 01, 2009
a person that acts like he/she don't having any sense.
leave me alone you artard
by amanda1983 March 11, 2008
a better word for retard (can be taken more offensively)
As someone tells a lame story... you wisper to your friend "what an artard!"
by B.zee August 23, 2008
Pronounced "Ar-tard"

Can be spelt "atard" on come cases, depending on country.

A Retarded way of saying the word: "retard"

Originated from the word: retard - to be severely mentally handicapped compared to an average adult human.
I'm not artarded, you retard!
by LemonSatan August 17, 2008
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