Artards are litte people who try to be big and insult other people but fail little Aimee's
Aimee is an Artard at life.
by Brandon Meyer December 14, 2007
Top Definition
A retard as mentioned in South Park. Complete moron, absolute idiot.
You are such an artard!
by Mike the PIUMP March 10, 2003
An inncorect way to spell /r/-tard which is a reference to certain people on the 4-chan boards. Referenced in South Park and correctly spelled if you had captions on.
Stan: I am socializing /r/-tard(artard). I'm on an MMORPG gaining XP with my friends using Team Speak!

Randy: ....I'm not an /r/-tard(artard).
by Dude#10230213 November 20, 2006
a retard compared to other retards; qualities of extreme stupidity
John is such an artard!
by jose santos March 06, 2005
a person of significant stupidity; one who give the impression he is a retard
That artard just drove the wrong way down the street.
by w dawg March 04, 2004
A person with absolutely no aptitude for, or working knowledge of modern technology, ideas, or common art forms, trends and entertainment.
"Where the fuck have you been living... Under a rock, you fucking artard?? How can you not know what a Cleveland Steamer is?
by Phlegmlord April 24, 2016
A reatard to a more extreme level. A dumbass or idiot.
"chris you are such an ar-tard."
by sp12345 August 20, 2008
Someone who is a freakin retard. This person will probably try to fish in a 2 inch deep creek.
Guy1: I ran into a wall

Guy2: Youre such an Ar Tard
by JAY-V 13 November 08, 2011
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