People who obsess over art, music, and poetry and think they're so unique even though there are millions of them.
Those guys are a bunch of art fags.
by sofiaaaaaah January 31, 2009
Hip artsy folks who dress chic and such, and are into some kind of art.
that damn artfag thinks hes so chic
by ryan May 02, 2004
Art Fag:

A pretentious individual who, although eventually graduating, never fully leaves the post pubescent mentality of a college student.

Consumed by the fear that if they are not individual and uniquely superior they are wasting away. They will go to great lengths to scoff at and insult finely dressed people for selling out to consumerism as they frequent forty dollar indie rock concerts with people half their own age and accessorize their second hand image with the latest in technical gadgetry.

They will always to a fault:

Use the metrics system in an inappropriate manner

They will be blatantly disdainful toward American sports and in turn cling desperately cling to soccer.

No picture can be taken without a special feature to demonstrate their superior eye. Altered states of perspective, lighting, and definitely in black and white.
Robert was such an art fag he took pictures at the handsome furs concert with his iphone set on sepia.
by LA h8r November 02, 2011
Usually from Austin TX, The elusive art fag can be found at your local whole foods or HEB shopping in the organic section for some taro root chips and some tree bark jerky. at night they perform abstract arts at the many venues in Austin. Such shows include standing in the center of a canvas, pouring a milkshake on his head then spinning in circles yelling some non sense about trees while riding a unicycle and playing a violin with one string.
me: ????? looking at a picture of a sidewalk and confused
art fag: ITS FUCKING EPIC RIGHT!! I had to show you!!!
by XxXMetlScrmoIndieDubCoreXxXSk8 November 18, 2012
Kids who like Art, and know it is their forte. They do art, appreciate art, and talk with other art fags about art. It happens to be their thing. Other people are jealous because art is a difficult concept and they don't have the capacity or the introduction to understand it. They make petty hatred posts on Urbandictionary, and are unfriendly too the art fags who sit in the back of class and talk about their latest painting, while everyone else goes on about one tree hill or Halo 3 or American Idol or whatever.
Aint nothing wrong with liking Art. I'm and Art Fag and PROUD of it.

We can't all like sport. I happen to have found a way to express my feelings through painting. I never claimed to be an empiricist. I'm an art fag, so sue me.

David and Harry tended not to talk to Sarah and Gab in Maths. They were always being art fags and talking about Dali or Oils vs. Watercolors or whatever. David hated them for being art fags. And cause they never did math.
by stonahsarah January 11, 2009
fruity artistic types, usually found on college campuses--almost all are art, drama, English, or music majors
"You're majoring in drama? You're not an art fag, are you?"
by Your Name July 16, 2003
Typically an artist who is indifferent and or apathetic. An artist who seeks to be stereotyped as an artist. He tries to fit the mold. Wears the stereotypical artist beray, black and white striped french artist shirt. A rebel without a clue. He blatantly tries to fit the label of a artist stereotype, almost insinuating that others are not real artists except him.
Johny is such a art fag, no wonder he has no friends, that guy is such a poser. What a lamer.
by Zekio (Zee) October 10, 2007
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