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Someone who paints or creates any artistic work solely to please a Buyer. This term need not be gender specific.
He painted only meaningless Abstracts as such things found ready Buyers. He had become an art whore.
by Shobha Nagendran July 05, 2006
Noun- Someone who specializes in feeling special for maintaining the delusion that art is inherently valuable. This is typically done by selling their artwork, which requires a massively inflated ego and fosters a dependence on the insulated world of art critics. This dependency can be likened to the relationship between a hooker and a pimp.
"John Doe is an art whore. Before that he, like all other artists, was a wanna-be art whore."
by jacob k reist December 29, 2007
Someone who does all kinds of art/who does more than one kind of art.
I cant believe you can draw, paint, sculpt, and sew! your such an art whore.
by NotHrpDrp July 12, 2016
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