One who covets living up an anus for safety and camouflage, always unsolicited
Pepe you arsebadger have you know shame, she's enormous
by maximus hall 1V February 03, 2012
Top Definition
1. The sort of large dark furry turd with a deceptively slener head that causes a painful dilation of the anus when expelled.

2. Any situation, task or individual known to cause similar levels of discomfort.
Arsebadgers! is on the block list.

That's a right arsebadger.

by manta May 22, 2003
secretive creatures of which the only visible evidence is the scuff marks they leave on the inside of your keks
'fucking hell look at the skidmarks in them keks you dirty arsed cunt'
'wern't me mate, 'twer't arsebadgers'
by spong May 02, 2003
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