A sexual fetish as follows:
The dominant male, after drinking some liquid prior, takes a pair of forceps (as used to help deliver babies) and uses them to forcibly hold open the submissive woman or man's anus to a width suitable for urinating into. He them urinates into the dilated asshole, filling it with urine. the forceps are then removed, and the anus allowed to close fully. The recipient of the asspiss is then allowed the great pleasure of passing the urine out his or her anus, as if defecating, only liquid. This process is quickly growing in popularity, and looks set to move mainstream within the next few years.
hey, bitch! I'm gonna give you an asspiss whether you like it or not!
by HOB October 11, 2004
Top Definition
When you are so sick that your poo comes out like piss.
I was drinking water and it was going right through me! It was arse piss.
by ctdf March 22, 2006
To defecate a near water like consistency. It usually doesnt last longer than one solid spray.
I just did an arsepiss!
by bagngrams January 08, 2010
The side affect of Salmonella aka diarrhoea
I refroze my chicken nuggets and they gave me arse piss.
by factmachine December 01, 2014

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