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A word used frequently in the flash cartoon "weebl and bob".
Literally means "ah shit".
Weebl:I spy with my sexy eye, something beginning with "S"
Bob: Is it "sign"?
Weebl(thinking):Arse fez!
#bob #weebl #arse #fez #weebls stuff
by madmike 2011 May 18, 2006
Being a variation on the expletive/insult "ass hat." Coined on the flash animation Weebl (and sometimes Weebl's friend Bob).
(Bob having won a game of I Spy)
Weebl: Arse fez!
#weebl #weebl & bob #asshat #ass hat #bob
by C. Taylor April 16, 2008
(lit.) anal hair, used as expletive. Comes from populat cartoon weebl and bob]
I dropped my pen, arse fez!
#expletive #cursing #swearing #euphemism #weebl
by Crab Jesus September 19, 2006
"oh crap"
oh arse fez!!!
by laura June 17, 2004
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