short for the hebrew "arsawat", the ars is a unique creature found in modern day israel. it is much more difficult to define than it is to describe the ars: violent, gold chain (gormet) wearing gangster-esque Jewish israeli, commonly of "mizrahi" decent. the ars is infamous for his tendency to stab people with minimal provocation.
by the time i spotted the ars it was too late; i had already been headbutted severely (see "ginga")
by david weiss July 19, 2006
After running shits. After one runs, they in fact, get the runs.
After going for a 3 mile run, Derek had serious ARS!
by Mmurph February 20, 2014
Anti-Reproductive Syndrome. Occurs when a person is only attracted to people who aren't attracted to him/her, and rejects all others despite looks or personality. Or when one self sabotages a good relationship. Can be pronounced "A" "R" "S" or more commonly pronounced ars, like ass with an accent.
Male 1: I keep talking to Amber, but she only gives one word answers.

Male 2: Ya, that's cause she's not into you.

Male 1: That's what makes her irresistible!

Male 2: Dude you should get checked up, you might have ARS
by Concerned Friend with a PHD July 22, 2009
1)a pimp, a hooker-shepherd.
2)a busterd and clever person who listen to ethnic music and wears chains.
1)since her ars was arrested, she's a freelanser.
2) the club was filles with arses, so we decided to go to a coffee-hoouse.
by unknown August 13, 2004
a word for a**
Damn, shes got a big ars.
by kick ars June 14, 2011
to be born with looks of a horse, along with the I.Q of tree and the biggest nose known to mankind
That boy andrew stephen is well an ars
by smoochbroch March 01, 2009
ars is AFTER RAG SIDE EFFECTS or AFTER RAG SYMPTOMS. its the bad mood girls get after their period.

1.ana is arsing so please exuse her attitude or ana is suffering from a.r.s. please forgive her

by alexbabyy April 08, 2008
Your bum.
You have a big ars.
by Anonymous July 30, 2003

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