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In DarkRP, a role-playing gamemode for Garry's Mod, this is the weapon used by cops to send people to jail. When a cop hits someone with it, they are instantly teleported to jail, and they respawn when their jail time (usually two minutes) is up. Also called an arrest stick.
flarn2006: Dude! DetJohnKimble just dropped his arrest baton!
gmodrulez: Pick it up!
flarn2006: I already did. See?

-- gmodrulez has been arrested for 120 seconds

gmodrulez: /demote DetJohnKimble dropped arrest baton

-- gmodrulez has started a vote for the demotion of DetJohnKimble.
-- The demotion vote has started!
-- DetJohnKimble suicided!
-- DetJohnKimble has been demoted!
-- DetJohnKimble has been made a Citizen.

DetJohnKimble: sucker...

-- flarn2006 has been arrested for 120 seconds
by Anonymous938743 September 07, 2009
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