Where a woman is so fat her tits bulge out of her armpit area causing arm tits
Hey dude where does that fat bitches armpits end and tits start, those are some mean armtits
by Co6 November 01, 2013
Top Definition
a breast that sags and hides in a woman's armpit when she is laying horozontal.
I thought she had nice tits until she took off her bra and layed down. Armtits, dude.
by 9Boomer July 26, 2006
the fat that squeezes out of a strapless top where the chest meets the armpit.
that chick should never wear a tube top- her armtits are too big!
by miss speller January 24, 2014
the roll of fat that appears when you put your arm down near your armpit
That girl's armtits were so huge! It was disgusting!
by Whattheevenheck September 14, 2015

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