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When a man having sex with a woman is simultaneously penetrated by a man, who is in turn penetrated by an other man, and so on.

Also known as Buh-buh-buh-bup.
"Armenian conveyor belt; just the groom and his groomsmen buh-buh-buh-bup."
by thethingfromouterspace February 25, 2014
When a man is having sex with another man who is being penetrated by another man, who is being penetrated by another man etc, etc.
"Fine then............ forget the bride. Just a groom and his groomsmen, Armenian Conveyor Belt, bup bup bup bup"
by Hurley6178 September 03, 2014
Three or more men having anal sex with each other, which ends up in a closed loop.
The stripper didn't show up for the bachelor party, so we can't bup-bup-bup-bup; but we can still make an Armenian conveyor belt.
by DaddyDingDongs September 17, 2014
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