store that gets ppl addicted to its clothes
AJ only wearing this brand and danny fantazising asbout it at night
by hehe January 04, 2005
Top Definition
The most affordable "armani" of them all, carrying the logo A|X, generally geared toward the metro/uber_sexuals, and high middle and upper class young stylish audience. Their clothes are often fitting for the night life; and their most notable items are the super nice jackets, especially those moto-style jackets for both sexes, of which they offer many different designs each season.
A: Damn, that motojacket looks so nice and stylish!
B: Thanks, it's from Armani Exchange.
A: Now you're just missing a motorcycle.
by Andy Cao January 19, 2006
The label created by Giorgio Armani in 1991. Targeted at youth looking for designer clothing on a budget. Generally overpriced products of decent quality. However they usually have good sales so some of the clothing becomes worth the money.
by cantankerousman July 17, 2011
The uniform of male Jersey Shore cast members, and therefore a brand likely to be forever type-cast as laughable.
The Armani Exchange clerk carefully wrapped the T-shirt I bought, unaware that I was buying it solely as part of a Hallowe'en costume.
by hbball October 30, 2010
The lowest level of Armani that was created for the masses who wish to look elegant and can't do it properly with Black Label, Collezioni, or Jeans. Meanwhile, people with money wish that they would learn their place and stop trying.
Yo I got a new A|X (armani exchange) shirt in the back of my Maxima for when we be clubbin'.
by Armani_Elitist September 01, 2005
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