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Two slices of bread with a piece of paper placed between the slices that has the word "armageddon" written on it, often sent through the mail anonymously as a prank that confuses and dumbfounds whoever recieves the sandwich in the mail. Using moldy bread adds extra humor and awesomeness to the prank. The armageddon sandwich was founded in November of 2007 by a man who is known to the public only as Silly Sally 54.
Dude, my roommate received a package in the mail the other day and was ecstatic until he opened it to reveal the dreaded armageddon sandwich.
by anonymous prankster December 03, 2007
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A sandwich consisting of two slices of old bread with a piece of paper in the middle that says "ARMAGEDDON". It is a weird prank that is mailed to it's victim and there is no known reason behind the prank. Introduced in 2007.
My brother got an ARMAGEDDON SANDWICH in the mail yesterday and still hasn't figured out who sent it or what it even means.
by mysterious prank December 09, 2007

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