Arkansas is perpetually boring, ignored when it comes to concert locations, full of Protestants like the rest of the Bible Belt, and is one of those states that nobody thinks of when naming the fifty states. Good place to retire, bad place to live if you're a child/teen/young person.
"So there's California, New York, Texas, Alaska,"

"Oh, don't forget the Utah, Iowa, Arkansas, and Wyoming."

"Yeah, those too. I always forget about them."
by Amme February 18, 2013
The place where double yellow lines are just "guidelines."
Trucker From Texas: What does a double yellow line mean in Arkansas?

Lady: What?

Trucker From Texas: It means NOTHING!
by notreallysee? January 14, 2012
Arkansas became the 25th state on June 15, 1836; not to be confused with Kansas, which became the 34th state January 29, 1861. Also, most residents of central, southern and eastern Arkansas are of ethnic descent; primarily, Hispanic and African. Northern Arkansas, while scenic, is significantly more populated than the capitol in Little Rock.

In short, stfu retard because it's not redneck and empty. It's not Iowa.
Today on the news a man raped and killed 5 women before he was caught selling crack downtown.
by marco March 21, 2005
it came before kansas by 9 states, therefore it should not be viewed as a permutation of kansas. its pronunciation comes from the combination of indian tribe names that make up the state's official name. sure, not many people here know how to pronounce things correctly (they often add syllables and unnecessary plurality), but give them credit where credit is due: pig sooie, woo!
"Whach you do last nigh?"
"Drunk myssef some beeruh"

"Whach you doin' today?"
"Imma goin' to Wal-Marts"
by arkansan, beotch. April 16, 2005
1. To shoot at an animal on the ground in a non-sporting manner.
2. To discharge a firearm in a way that is reckless, yet amusing at the same time.
Jeb threw open the sliding door to the 1987 Dodge Caravan and arkansased an unspecified number of coots sitting on the pond in front of the library, while a dozen empty cans of Busch Light spilled out into the parking lot.
by TBONE1999 May 12, 2006
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