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Foreskin. Refers to the time when Arkansans were too poor to pay a doctor to circumcise their boys, while Americans in other states were routinely circumcised. At that time, being uncircumcised was looked down upon, so the term is faintly derisive. Also hints that the bearer of such foreskin is so poor he could pack all of his possessions in his foreskin, and has no use for luggage.
Check out that dude's Arkansas luggage! It's hanging off the end like lace curtains!
by microaperture December 29, 2010
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Foreskin. An uncircumsised penis.
Dan isn't from Arkansas he is actually from Denmark but in Denmark they are uncut that's why becky said he had Arkansas luggage.

I wonder if Bill Clinton has Arkansas luggage...
by tyler holmes April 23, 2006

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