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an ary is a flying puttycat that shoots bubbles out of its mouth, to distract it arch enemy (teddy bears with wings). They poop rainbows after eating bumble bees with butter. its favorite game is twister...naked; loves feeding puppies sushi on their stomach; tames wild penguins.... with a cowboy suit on; very intellegent in PE; the bestest friend you'll ever meet.
"hey is that ary?"
"yea i think so"
"let's go catch up with her."
"ok she's the cooliest."
by laughing lizzie June 24, 2009
Ary is a girl who is funny as hell that is a wonderful friend who is cute as fuck with adorable dimples an adorable voice and laugh who is hella sweet great hair and who can be sassier then ever definetly one to be around 23/7 because snack and bathroom breaks.
"HAHA man she is so funny"

"oh you must be talkin about Ary"

"man she's so cute her dimples that smile her hair is amazing"

"oh you mean Ary? sounds like her"
by yaboiied February 01, 2014
1. Someone born relatively between March 22 and April 20.
2. Identifying an Aries: when they raise their eyebrows, they create creases on their forehead that some say look like the "ram" symbol. Freaky stuff.
3. Selfish pricks.
I dated an Aries once. He was a selfish prick...
by katanatattackally August 30, 2013
What Mr. Feltman called Arya because he is an illiterate bitch who can't pronounce a four letter word. Throughout the year, he continued to call Arya Ary even when Arya explained to him its pronounced (a-re-ya) and not (a-ree). What a durdur.
"Ary can you answer..." - Mr. Feltman

"Ary got another 100..." - Mr. Feltman
by Killaaaaaaa August 11, 2009
a long haired, pale skinned sumo wrestler with sun glasses and a goatie.
Bob: Hey! Look at that sumo wrestler! He's got long hair and sun glasses!
Mark: Hehe, he's got a gotie as well.
Bob: He looks a bit pale too.
Mark: Hehe, I bet his name's Ary.
by robenk January 13, 2007
A person born between (March 21st - April 19th) who only cares about themselves and their desires, they will push people away and fight with people because they know what awful people they are and want to hide it.
Classic Aries: Mariah Carey, Perez Hilton, Rosie O'Donnell, Emma Watson, Amanda Bynes,
by From Anonymous March 25, 2012
Dog that got her eyes knocked out.
Also known as Scaries.
you pulled an aries by running into the wall.
by BigPun1234 September 09, 2010