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Another word for a complete bitch. Someone who thinks they have friends, but they talk shit about her as soon as she walks out of the room. Arielles think that they are pretty and cute and will be surprised if you say differently. They are prideful beyond the call of duty and always need to be right. The kind of person who wants to be good at everything but completely sucks at everything they do.
"why did you invite her? She is such an Arielle."

"Why do you have to be a fucking Arielle all the time?"
by great captain April 09, 2009
A smart little texan. Also see redneck.
"Howdy Ya'll?"
"Howdy. Ma name's Arielle?"
by Certainly not Jacob Lilley March 17, 2005
A mermaid, a bitch, a squirrel, a slut, a backstabbing whore, a homewrecker, a grinder, a fake person, a person with old, saggy boobs, a liar, hooker trash, a bad-dresser, one who uses old-fashioned language, or one who owns all vagmonsters.
Look at that Arielle in a tree eating cheese.
by sillyrabbitqueefsr4kids December 05, 2009
ugly ass cunt who gets drunk off of water mixed with taco seasoning .She will suck anybodys dick to make herself feel better.BASICALLY shes FAT.nobody likes her, only uses her because shes is an easy whore.she smokes ciggarettes because she thinks it makes her cool but it doesnt. shes flat so she tapes her boobs together with duck tape to make them look bigger. She is the most peverted girl but yet the most ugliest girl i have ever seen. oh and she wears ugly ed hardy shoes everyday cuz she thinks theyre cool...
ex 1:person 1:ew it should be illegal to be that fat!
person 2: i know arielles so gross!

ex2: person1: ew why is there a troll walking around MSD?
person 2: they look more like a slug,
by catpiddle55 July 04, 2009
Bitch ass ho! She don't know shit about nothin! She is SO Wiggity Wack!
DAMN! Look at that trippin foo! It must be Arielle!
by NOT Chris February 06, 2005
last name: pierce
busted-ass, buck-toothed bitch. the kind of shit u wouldn't even think of gettin with. beer gogles wouldn't even help. at all.
Hey, look its CHOMPA!!!
by Eric L. April 02, 2005
a girl who where's a bunch of hollister shit and show's off her not so nice slumpy laid back turtle ass.
Stay away from this looney chick. she will tease your nutsack so bad you will have blueballs for life. I did it for you Srdan.
by Sketch February 09, 2005