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absolutely the most amazing girlfriend a guy could ask for Super sweet, excessively kind, stunningly beautiful, and always loves more then most would think was possible,she will make you really happy when you are down, and she'll be there when no one else is the one who is amazingly talented, beautiful and intelligent; also has a sexy ass, and you can't stop loving her most volumptous lips you have ever seen.
Guy- I hugged this girl ariana and her perfume is still on my clothes hmm
Guy2- she is so sweet smellinggggg
by Jonathan5067 November 01, 2013
the most amazing person you will ever meet,best friend and someone who will make you smile 24-7,they are beautiful, but they won't realize it, you just have to let them know,They have beautiful hair, eyes, beautiful smile, and the perfect shape,Whenever you need someone to talk to, she will always be there to listen to you. They're the best trustie that you can have,they hate betrayal. If you tell them something, make sure you mean it, don't disappoint them.Guys drool over her fine ass and wish they could have her!Girlfriend material. Her boobs are perfect and so is her ass.
there is definitley no one like this girl TRUST ME
John: WOW!! (ariana) is soo dayum pretty!
Alex: Yeah, she's also sooo funny, she cracks me up!!
Me: Guess whose asking her out tonight then...?

John&Alex: No way! you lucky kid!!
by Alex:p October 28, 2013
most amazing girl you will ever meet, an amazing girl who will be your best friend for Life! you could NEVER REPLACE HER. She has a big and cutest ass ever. A person you cannot get out of your mind, has beautiful eyes and a smile that makes someone fall in love, also a very simple girl, she can be very irritant. She can also be the BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER, she will be the kind of girlfriend who will love you more than anything, she will make you happier, an Ariana also heals a broken heart, she will do anything to make you smile and wouldn’t cheat or replace anyone even if she got paid, she doesn't need expensive jewellery ect the simpler the better it is for an Ariana,she is the girl that will always know when someone is not ok regards if she is with them or not, and most of the times she doesn't even try and she can make someone's life better, if you know an Ariana make sure you appreciate what you have because everyone in the world should have someone like her in their lives.
Guy : I think every broken hearted person should have an Ariana in their life either as their best friend or girlfriend.

123 : I agree i had a broken heart because my ex cheated on me, but once i met my girl (ariana) my heart is like new there is no way to explain how she completes my life and makes my day worth it, i love her to bits.
by LolLol9 October 19, 2013
the best person you'll ever meet a gorgeous human being well loved by many, fun, trustworthy, humorous, smart, honest, caring and killer looks she has everything to become anyone's best friend she will be the only one there for you when everyone has left you and she will be the one to wipe the tears off your face,now she will have beautiful hair, a hot body and a nice ass.
2. i really need a ariana right now...
3. when walking with ariana, people may ask if you re together.
by DiogoOo October 29, 2013
ariana are smart girls not only in books but in the real world when in a relationship tend to have a very long lasting relationships, they are usually in relationships with someone who has a low self esteem, they don't get 'obsessively' jealous but of course they can get jealous sometimes because they trust they're partners 100% and when we mean trust that means they trust and nobody would want to break that trust 'once you break something expensive and special you can't glue it back together' , they hide know ho to hide their feelings and the only thing they can ask their partner is to be loyal, trust them, not replace them and most important of all love them no matter what they tend to love people more than people love themselves and they will know when you mean or don't mean something but they will hide it or else they will tell you straight to your face, they are mostly attracted by simple people they will make you look forward to tomorrow and when everyone leaves she will be the only one there for you.
Matt- I wonder when i am going to meetr a ariana, i pray every night to have one in my life :/

5sos- i dont think i am ever going to find one...
by Rockyb October 28, 2013
HOT! Shes a real stunner & your lucky to have her as a gf ;) She is an amazing best friend and is always there! She is GREAT in bed & her body is as fine as can be !
Guy1: Check out ariana
Guy2: I want her
Guy1: Go get her before anyone else claims her
by Joel90210 October 28, 2013
is sometimes shy and gets offended easily has big boobs and even bigger ass,she never betrays people. Shes a wonderfull kisser and she is very seducive. She is amazing in bed. She has amazing talents!! She will be very succesful when she grows up. The most amazing girl you will ever meet,She loves to read, and is very smart , people usually use her for her smarts shes extremely funny, and always has something to say, or tell people. Shes pretty inside and out,when shes with someone she is very loyal and they are not flirts and they stick with their partners and they dont cheat she has many friends but is more of a listener than a speaker.
GUY 1: i would tap ariana all day and night, shes so beautiful!
GUY 2: i know right, i wish she could take a look at me!!
by ChriIiIs November 01, 2013