Argentina is a South American country filled with insecure and jealous people.

1. Argentina beef is no better than anywhere else. In the 1990's almost ALL of their beef were moved off of range lands and into feedlots. URUGUAY is now the #1 consumer of beef per capita in the world and there beef is far superior.

2. Argentines are wildly insecure. Their insecurity is manifested on a regular basis in conversations about how much they hate "Yankees" (Americans), the English, Chileans, Bolivians.. etc.

3. While Argentine women are, as a whole, physically attractive...they are also the most psychoanalyzed group of people on the planet. I've never met a less interesting group of women in anywhere. Conversations with these girls are excruciatingly boring as they generally having nothing of interest to say.

4. Argentina hasn't contributed anything to the world in regards to new inventions. Everything they brag about is an improvement or slight adjustment to an idea that was invented somewhere else (like the U.S. for example). But that doesn't stop them from strutting around like arrogant douche bags.

5. The rest of the Spanish speaking world hates the Argentines because of they are SO arrogant and have nothing, other than mate, to be proud of.

6. Argentines HATE Americans with a passion. They are NOT the warm and loving people you see when on holiday. They smile to your face and then say incredibly awful things when you leave. I've heard it many many times.
"How does an Argentina commit suicide?"
"He climbs up on his ego and then jumps off!"

Two Argentines were walking in a field when lightning and thunder is brought by a storm. One of the Argentines, frightened, jumps into a bush to hide. The other Argentine says, "Don't worry my friend. That is just God taking pictures of us".
by Argringo October 22, 2011
South American country characterized by its rare inability to understand or believe that their citizens have the WORST REPUTATION IN THE WORLD FOR HAVING A BAD CHARACTER. Many character flaws, insecurities and complexes. Compounded by the fact that there are more shrinks per capita in the country than any other country in the world. Also containing the bitchiest women in the world. These women are highly deluded as they consistently (and wrongly) believe that they are "the most beautiful women in the world". Bitchiness separated by age groups:

16-25 - slutty girls who think they are too hot to talk to anyone, but this confidence gives them at least the ability to not be too competitive / bitchy to other girls
26-35 - anxious gold diggers who will be extremely bitchy at any woman who is prettier than her, whether at work, in shops, amongst friends
36-60 - bitchy, bitter old women who will bark at any stranger on the street because their man is out constantly screwing whores
Have you read the book 'Argentine hag' by Banana Yoshimoto?" "No, but I hear there's plenty of them in Argentina
by komkom April 26, 2011
Argentina is full of Spanish-speaking Italians who wish they were English.
Argentina, notable for:

1. Getting rinsed in the Falklands.
2. Talented, yet dirty, cunning, cheating footballers.
3. Being inferior to Brazil.
by PRIDE_OF_NORTH_LONDON January 16, 2007
A country that is known for being cheaters in sports. Mainly in soccer, especially when they lose control of the game, and start making fouls and diving throughout the rest of the game.
Bob: Oh fucking hell Argentina started cheating already! Tevez dived again!
Pepe: That's how we won our two World cups! ^__^
by The World Cup September 12, 2006
A country in South America whose inhabitants are almost all pretentious people who think of themselves as Europeans. Think of themsevelves as highly advanced and better than other Latinos, yet not long ago, they were eating out of dumpsters because of being fucked over by the IMF.
Country inferior to Brazil. Despise Brazil and its inhabitants because Brazil is a much, much, bigger country than theirs.
Maradona (the fat, has-been, gay, cokehead) is their only claim to great futbol. Their futbol stars are racist who when playing against Brazilian teams, resort to racist name calling such as macaco (their favorite word when describing a black person from Brazil. Dirty players who are sore losers.
Best (and frankly, only good thing to come out of Argentina: the beef and tango.
A favorite saying from Brazil when describing Argentina's people:

"The worst scam in the world is buying an Argentine for what he thinks he's worth and then selling him for what he is really worth."
by GarotaDeRio February 13, 2008
Another Latin and poor conutry. Defeated in soccer by Brazil, and at war by England, it´s indian population (thought the belief on Euro ancestry) keeps regarding mental issues on therapy. Once Argentina has been rich for latin standarts, but became leftist and ideological. Now it´s poorer thab Brazil and Chili. Has a cocaine addicted idol: Maradona, just a regular player.
Cut this socialist crap, or we may get the argentina way.
by south Brazil March 24, 2009
one of the most hated countries in south america because of their non-sense egocentric way of acting.
not better not worse, just another latin american country as peru or bolivia, even tho they love thinking they are europeans...

mmmm sorry u r not... ;)
A: heyyy i'm from argentina
B: so what?
A: mmm we rule , right?
B: fuck off, leave me alone you egocentric dark bitch.
by sebsss June 03, 2006

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