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One of the hottest girl you will ever meet. Shes a good time and isnt afraid to be a little wild. She can be a little slutty at times, but not a complete slut. Shes really nice, and has a nice ass. She goes through boys every week. Majority of the time, she will be Greek. She has gorgeous eyes, and a killer body. Shes really popular, and is a people person. Her eyes and hair are amazing. She can dress, cook and clean. Shes a dime! If you find one, never let her go- it'll be the worst mistake you make
boy one: I was a party last night and i met a girl named areti
boy two: and....
boy one: She was the hottest thing i have ever seen. Her body was amazing, her face was banging, and she was kind of kinky too.
bot two: I need to meet her
by dickheirtz March 25, 2011