The skin around a woman's or men's nipple that is a different color than the person's skin tone. Areola51 specifically refers to the abnormally large or otherwise irregular and disgusting areolas.
I was about to run train on that skank from last night but before getting into the deed I noticed she had some areola51 going on and couldn't help but barf.
by BeeftheBike February 27, 2012
Top Definition
An areola 51 exists when a woman's areola are mysteriously large and might be big enough to house aliens.
"Wow, i bet that girl last night was awesome, she was holding a monster rack"
"Yeah, they looked perky but once the bra came off, I saw areola 51 and ran because I dont want to deal with no aliens living on her frisbee nipples"
by Cleetus The Fetus February 08, 2010
The sensual place your mind goes when cleavage is visible, and you hope/wonder what that next half inch would expose.
When the waitress delivered our food, she bent over and I went right to Areola 51.
by Chefspam May 31, 2015
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