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Not only a language, but an attitude. The ardenese way is never wrong, shuns authority in the face, can'ts say no to Joe the shipper and is usually smashed or hungover, fuck.
"Shawn, your sanding today" The ardenese reply would be "Fuck you fuck. Im not fucken sanding"
by Roy Vickers December 02, 2004

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a specific way, and/or order of doing things as demonstrated by someone from arden. see also wrong way of doing things
He showed me the Ardenese way of doing it, and boy was it wrong!
by Julian November 24, 2004
A long lost foul-language, derived in the back woods of Arden by hunters & gatherers.
"So I wanna go to the bush & kill some fuckin shit, fuck. The fuckin ting d'er put the Ford in the rhubarb, fuck. You stupid cunts from the city just don't get it!"
by Cory & Trevor November 23, 2004