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When a design professional produces a design that incites a "gasm," resulting in the enthusiastic exclamation of "Ah..." or a simliar sound.
Sergio practiced architectural masturbation when he designed a Gothic Cathedral and excalimed: "Mon-a-mii!!!"

by B.R.K.D December 05, 2007
the act of formal, visual, verbal or written self gratification (or any combination of the aforementioned) during the process of, or upon 'completion' of designing a building which is commonly post-rationalized to veil a total lack of spatial, theoretical, functional, and conceptual rigour
Architectural Masturbation is exemplified by schools and practices such as Southern California Institute of Architects, Zaha Hadid Architects, Frank Gehry, many studios at the Architectural Association and UCL Bartlett, Coop Himmelblau, all among countless other kindred spirits, next-generation torch bearers and even sloppier imitators of which one notable example is Randall Stout Architects.
by cbot07 September 25, 2013
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