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The most prettiest pimp. He is the champion of your big ass. He is an 18th Century time travelling pimp. He has gotten head from a dinosaur and had a 3 way with cleopatra and a mummy. When he enters you it is the most pure emotion. Don't doubt his powers he will prove you wrong. His exploits were chronicled in a video online at
He will bust a nut in your eye and then yell GOOOAAAAAALLL
The Archduke: "When the coochie is all tight ABRA-CADA-BRA now its wet"
"I am the champion of your big ass"
by Devonte 'Lil-Wyte' Johnston March 17, 2008
21 11
A term for an abnormally sized shit, typically even larger than a duke. Arch is used in order to emphasize size and the significance of the occasion
Person 1: Man you were in the bathroom for 15 minutes, what were you doing?!

Person 2: uuugh, I just had to drop an Arch Duke in there, try to avoid stall #3
by -tye- April 01, 2009
10 1
In certain royal families, especially that of imperial Austria, a nobleman having a rank equivalent to a sovereign prince.
Franz Ferdinand, the man, was an archduke.
by Puggy Pug Pug April 10, 2006
8 4