A delicious act of whoredom during which a lucky participant has one eye covered by another eager volunteer's respective testicle. See arabian goggles.
Interested party: "Yo dawg, I heard Tay-Tay hooked you up with an Arabian Monocle last night. How was that?"

Reciever: "To be honest bro, sucked. One of my eyes was warm with ballsack, and the other has fresh pink eye. Would I do it again? Anything to bear a striking resemblance to my hero, Mr. Peanut."

IP: "...Dude, what the fuck. He's a nut with a monocle, you had a nut on your face, albeit in monocle fashion. Nigga, you gay. Move past the denial phase."
by f7u12intheAmotherF'er May 08, 2011
Top Definition
Similar to the Arabian Goggles and performed in the same manner covering one eye only.
Buffalo Gord only has one nut so he had to settle for an Arabian Monocle
by jonitals April 23, 2008
It is similar to the Arabian Sunglasses but instead of using both testicles only one is used. It is a way for people with only one testicle to still have the fun of being able to give someone Arabian Sunglasses with only the requirement of one testicle.
"Hey guys I just Arabian Monocled * insert name here * "
" I just gave the Arabian monocle to * insert name here *
by Meemoo Haxor July 17, 2013
Similar to Arabian Goggles; the act while online gaming of dropping ones testicle over the eye of a fallen enemy or comrade, due to time constraints. Quicker than a full goggling, usually just one dip.
"I only had time to arabian monocle n00b!"
by Alan Wordsmith December 03, 2007

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