you simply lay on a womens face putting your testicles on the girls eyes and have her nose in ur ass hole while shitting
i gave amy an arabian goggle
by blowjob betty May 24, 2008
girl wears glasses you cum inside the glasses and jerk head back so it falls in her eyes
Dam i gave that girl arabian goggles.
by Kyle MacDougall June 22, 2008
to put your tesicles on someones eyes while they sleep
billy thought it would be funny to "arabian goggle" will, so he placed his testicles on his eyes while he slept"
by callum mckenzie August 11, 2005
to sit on someone's face with one's testicles while pressing your anus against the forehead, thus making a brown "o" shape.
man, you ahould have seen the arabian goggle i gave julie. she had a brown ring on her forehead for hours.
by marie May 15, 2004
where sum 1 falls asleep and a boy puts their ballz on ur ed
"haha yer she crashed out on the floor last nyt n i giv er arabian goggles tuk sum wkd pic lmao"
by xxxsxixxx December 31, 2005
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