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A Gentleman politely lays his sac on your face, conveniently placing a nut in each eye.
This nice young man gave me arabian sun goggles last night
by Dudu September 16, 2003
When each testicle is placed into the eye cups and the shaft of the penis is inserted into the mouth, normally of a sleeping victim
"Mate, Dave's fallen asleep"
"Give him the Arabian Sun Goggles"
"will do..."
*arranges genitals on dave's face*
*dave wakes up*
(muffled)"what the fuck are you guys... hey get them out of my face you prick!!"
*Hilarity ensues*
#arabian #sun #goggles #tesicles #balls #sack #googles #victim
by Matty "Fresh" H January 04, 2007
arabian sungoggles are when some one puts their balls on ur eyes and dick on ur nose so u look like gonzo (see a gonzo from the muppets and leaves them there long enough so u tan w/ them
dad: ben its time for ur goggles
ben: but the mark is still there from last time!!!
by bearface July 31, 2004
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