The act of resting your balls on a girls eyeballs.
Let your girl know you care this christmas with a pair of Arabian Goggles
by blazin 1026 June 17, 2005
It is when a male 69's his girl and whilst she sucks on his johnny walker, his busta rhymes take a seat on her eyes.
Last night i gave shandra the nicest pair of Arabian goggles she purchased in a long time
by Clit69 May 30, 2009
To drop ones testicles in anothers eyesockets.
Commonly associated with drunk frat boys with all the testosterone, bonding, and homoeroticism.
"Hey, we are drunk frat boys, why don't we do something hella cool and take our pants off and put our testicles on each others eye sockets. Then we will be the most hip of them all!"
"Oh man, Arabian Goggles for breakfast, again!"
by pidgeonz21 May 19, 2006
The sexual act of placing one's nuts over somebody's eyes while they are sleeping, and then shinig a flashlight through them, and then waking your sleeping friend.
Dude, that asshole Jimbob gave me the arabian goggles again lastnight.
by The vagina mister April 28, 2010
when you lay your nuts over her (or his if u roll on the flipside) eyes.
after losing a bet Mr. Maratto got to give Paul Tyree a pair of arabian goggles
by a pair of goggles September 28, 2007
The male practice of applying ones testicles over the eyes of someone who is sleeping.
"I'm gonna give him the arabian goggles"
by The Heed December 19, 2006
were you procide to cover anothers eyes with your testes and scrotem during intercorse.
I gave that dirty whore arabian goggles with my hudge package.
by Goonar Gogenhiemer May 16, 2005

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