the guy that owns the corner 7-11
A a-rab owns my 7-11.

Allah is a pagan god!
by Allah is Dead July 13, 2006
In Baltimore slang an A-rab or Araber is a roving fruit vendor. The name comes from the term "arabale goods" and most A-rabs are not Arabic.
"Well in my neighborhood we called them A-rabs"
by jjjk July 27, 2006
The kind of people that Marines kill and dislike on a day to day basis. The people that are terrorists, but some are good people not many though! Most middle eastern people and many Americans think if your from the middle east or look middle eastern(Indian) you are a Arab.
Favorite tools:
car bombs
air plains
suicide bombers
Guy 1:Hey look at the Arabs they must be planting C4 at the hotel!!!
Guy 2:No i think there just pulling up the van with a car bomb in it.
Guy 1:Those dam Arabs

Guy 2: i know man what terrorists
by BigRed53 December 15, 2010
Another way to say to say gluteus maximus (or any other synonym of that, such as "ass").

Best used by 14 year old kids when their parents are in the same room as them when they're playing online games.
Hahaha o man that guy really kicked your a-rab. You're sad.
by MrTallyMon December 27, 2011
(verb) (A-rab)
1. The term used to describe the effect that occurs during a bowel movement.

2. To Blow-up
"... hold that thought, I gotta go arab a toilet somewhere..."
arab shit bathroom crap dump bomb blowup blow-up destroy america iraq afghanistan muslim islam extremist
by buttersmeup July 07, 2011
Pronounced ay-rab (as in hay) Also arabber. Noun, meaning street peddler, usually with pony pulled wagon, offering non staple grocery items in season. Also a verb, meaning to peddle in such manner. Term common in Baltimore.
Hey. Ma, the arabber's out back with fresh watermelons and lettuce from the shore. He says in November he'll arab oysters.
by tonylaz January 10, 2010
An arabian person doesn't have anything to do with skin colour or beliefs, rather, one may call someone an arab if the smell like sand mixed with shit. Also anyone who wears a bandana covering the bottom most part of the head-which includes chin, mouth and nose- may be called a dirty arab.
That kid John is a filthy arab
That arab smells like shit
by rat22 June 17, 2011

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