Of or from the Arabian Peninsula. Having Arabian heritage or lineage directly from illiterate nomadic camel herders. Coming from a male dominated society that is rightfully fearful of losing their women because they themselves are a monstrosity to look at. Years of inbreeding and camel-incest has led to a sort of merging of the male/female divide in that the Arab women tend to look like the men. To be Arab in the progressive segments of the different populous of the Middle East, has an extremely negative connotation. (Turks,Persian, Darba's, Kurds, etc.)
Hey Alice how was your blind date last night? Was he handsome e or did he turn out to be an Arab? Poor thing, she covers up her body with that "chador" when in reality her body covered hair does the job just fine!
by Middle Eastern Dude January 01, 2013
A term used to describe terrorists in a polite manner.
1) Did you see that arab? I'm sure he's going to explode soon.

2) John: Never get on a plane with an arab sweetie.

Sara: Why is that?

John: Because I care about you dearly.

3) Yo dude these arabs are surely plannig something wicked. I can tell it.
by PainKiller26 September 03, 2011
an ethnicity of people vast majority of which are united by a theocratic culture that lowers women into a status not far above cattle. there are alot of other "nice" qualities but i judge cultures by the way they treat their woman.

also for some reason most muslims are not arabs while most muslim terrorists are arabs. i wonder what it sais about this lovely people
jhon: wow it stinks in here

steve: yeah must those arabs in the back of the bus

liberal ass: you are a bigot! respect their culture of not showering!
by freeman1 November 01, 2010
The race or people that invented ankle porn
In the Arabs language- "من الأفضل ألا ندع إظهار بشرتك! الذهاب الآن واحصل على بعيري والسيف، ولدي ذبح للحضور."

or in english-"Better not let your skin show! Now go and get my camel and sword, I have a beheading to attend."
by baldknobber 72 February 18, 2011
Very passionate about everything (especially politics i.e. blaming the government)

Very volatile (do not expose to naked flame)

Very large mysterious bags (Do not ask questions!)

Very dangerous (“please report all unattended Arabs to a member of staff” -tfl)

Very well educated in government benefits (they know more that the government workers do)

Often found in arab dense areas (i.e. places called shisha cafes or Edgware road)

Often very rich (cook, bathe and fill their cars with crude oil)
examples of arabs previously listed
by someone_you_know March 10, 2008
a) (In North America)A group of people from south west asia and north africa most notable for large acts of terrorism, kidnapping, genocide, censorship, violence and the supports thereof, but also credited for fucking our economy by raping oil prices and buying large hotel chains so they can extort us into paying extra. (however, the majority of Arabs don't like or even hate these things just as much as Americans, as their dictatorial governments support these ideals)
b) (In North America) Any suspicious looking individual, or any individual often randomly selected for extra airport security
c) (In Israel) The worst insult a person can call you
d) (Elsewhere) A lovely and smart group of people originating from south west Asia and north Africa characterized by computer programming, cool hotels, discipline, honor, integrity, efficiency, order and being hated by Americans
a)Damn those fuckin' terrorist A-rabs, destroying them towers in New York, fuckin camels, shit smelling deoderant makes em smell better, I'd like to see some come to Texas, to see how kindly we take to terrorists. we gonna realize how stupid we are to hate them for what a few of them did, but until them we gonna fuckin hate them.

b) Bob: I heard she got caught up in some issues with the TSA.
Bill: They musta thought she was an Arab.

c) Eli: Perez, you fuckin backstabbing son of an Arab!
Noam: Are you gonna take that shit from Eli?
Perez: Oh it's on. (pulls out uzi, shoots Eli through the nuts)
Moishe: Y u note use nuclear warhid?
Perez: eh... is first fuck up. Khekhel is back at behss aiming at him for next time.

d) I love arabs so much, they are a lovely and misunderstood people, because a few of them took the terms "kill" and "infidel" out of context, and completely overlooked the dhimmi laws, and many Americans think they're all terrorists. And muslims in general even. I apologize on behalf of ignorance and bigotry of some a few uneducated xenopobes.
by American10101 June 01, 2011
The kind of people that Marines kill and dislike on a day to day basis. The people that are terrorists, but some are good people not many though! Most middle eastern people and many Americans think if your from the middle east or look middle eastern(Indian) you are a Arab.
Favorite tools:
car bombs
air plains
suicide bombers
Guy 1:Hey look at the Arabs they must be planting C4 at the hotel!!!
Guy 2:No i think there just pulling up the van with a car bomb in it.
Guy 1:Those dam Arabs

Guy 2: i know man what terrorists
by BigRed53 December 15, 2010
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