A person with a Arab heritage, or who speaks Arabic. Usually from the Middle East or North Africa.

*NOTE* Persian/Iranians are NOT arab. Most Iranians actually find it offensive if you call them Arab.
"Hey, did you meet the new Arab kid from Iraq?"
by spaghetti-fever August 17, 2012
A supporter of the Dundee United Football Club which is based in Tannadice Park in the city of Dundee, Scotland. The team itself is known as the Tangerines due to the bright orange colour of their strips. Founded in 1909, originally as a team for the local Irish Catholic community, Dundee United has since widened its appeal. Arabs perhaps haven't always been the happiest of supporters because their chosen team has usually taken on the role of underdog, but apparently they have a 100% record against Barcelona in competitive European ties. Arabs may or may not speak Arabic as their first language but generally they speak English or Scots, albeit, if they come from Dundee, most likely a peculiar form of speech found only within the confines of that city.
gadgie 1: "Which fitba team d'ye suppor'?"
gadgie 2: "Am an Arab."
gadgie 1: "Aye, me too. A' the other teams are shite."
by arealdunbarpoo December 08, 2011
an ethnicity of people vast majority of which are united by a theocratic culture that lowers women into a status not far above cattle. there are alot of other "nice" qualities but i judge cultures by the way they treat their woman.

also for some reason most muslims are not arabs while most muslim terrorists are arabs. i wonder what it sais about this lovely people
jhon: wow it stinks in here

steve: yeah must those arabs in the back of the bus

liberal ass: you are a bigot! respect their culture of not showering!
by freeman1 November 01, 2010
Someone who has is ethnically Arab and who identifies with other Arabs through linguistic, cultural or genealogical grounds. Most Arabs are Muslim, but some are also Christian, Jewish (yes, Jewish Arabs exist), Druze, Buddhist and of other religions. Arabs have a very rich history when it comes to their civilization and the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, was an Arab. Some Arab countries include Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, and so forth.

Arabs have a darker toned skin and speak the Arabic language. Many languages have borrowed words from Arabic, such as the English language for example. Not all Arabs wear turbans, the keffiyeh, or are "ragheads", and those types of attires really depend on the nationality of the Arab wearing or not wearing them, and what part of the world they are located in.

The "war on terror" dates back to the 20th century, and how western powers were dividing and partitioning the land and nations to fit their needs and requirements. It also refers to Israeli occupation and oppression of Palestinian Arab and Syrian lands. The Arabs rarely will strike back as a form of resistance to their lands being pillaged and occupied and their innocent families being killed. Arabs do not forget history, as they are a very historical people.
Abdullah was an Arab, born in Algeria. Arabic is his first language, followed by English. He is a follower of Islam and wears the keffiyeh as a sign of solidarity with his Arab brothers in Palestine.
by carboncube7 December 09, 2009
Of or from the Arabian Peninsula. Having Arabian heritage or lineage directly from illiterate nomadic camel herders. Coming from a male dominated society that is rightfully fearful of losing their women because they themselves are a monstrosity to look at. Years of inbreeding and camel-incest has led to a sort of merging of the male/female divide in that the Arab women tend to look like the men. To be Arab in the progressive segments of the different populous of the Middle East, has an extremely negative connotation. (Turks,Persian, Darba's, Kurds, etc.)
Hey Alice how was your blind date last night? Was he handsome e or did he turn out to be an Arab? Poor thing, she covers up her body with that "chador" when in reality her body covered hair does the job just fine!
by Middle Eastern Dude January 01, 2013
A term used to describe terrorists in a polite manner.
1) Did you see that arab? I'm sure he's going to explode soon.

2) John: Never get on a plane with an arab sweetie.

Sara: Why is that?

John: Because I care about you dearly.

3) Yo dude these arabs are surely plannig something wicked. I can tell it.
by PainKiller26 September 03, 2011
A group of people who can carry out the process of shaking your hand and sharpening a knife behind their back at the same time. Arabs look down on all other ethnic groups even though they themselves have not contributed to mankind in the last thousand years. Deceit and trickery are considered daily norms of the Arab population. It is common for Arabs to act extremely nice on the surface but despise you behind your back. Before anyone gives me thumbs down they should consider that i am partly of Arab descent and my Arab family and their Arab friends have proven to me that all of these things are true
Arab: Hey, want to be business partners?
White Guy: Why? so you can screw me over and take all of my money the first chance that you get, no thanks.
by KnoStuff567 June 09, 2011

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