An Arab is originally a term for a person from the arabian peninsula. During the islamin conquests arabs spread to other areas. Arabs are a subdivision of the semetic people, which includes israelis, not those european ones frech off the boat from russia that call israel home, but the real ones.
Ur an arab...
Look at those Arabs
by Unknown February 22, 2005
Stop saying that arabs have a "rich cultural heritage". There is not one group of people in the history of the entire world that does not have a "rich cultural heritage" and saying otherwise is extremely racist.
Arabs are an ethnic group based mainly in the Middle East.
by fdffwd October 08, 2007
Also, to point out something else. In the twentieth century, Arab nationalists have been trying to form a pan-Arab state, ever since the Ottoman Empire ended in the Arabic-speaking lands. These have been in the form of countries like Egypt (Nasser), Syria and Iraq (Saddam Hussein), with the Ba'athist party. These people should not be mistaken for Islamic fundamentalists, as they are usually secular and Marxist, and are not Muslim in any way. Fatah in Palestine is an Arab Nationalist group, not Islamic.
He is a secular Arab.
by jthom9 January 24, 2009
Large Race Of People Who Have been traeted really unfairly like calling them terrirosts for maybe or maybe not blowing up the towers of the world trade centre in america and a little few other things .... so what.

america,israel for the past few years have been killing and killing Millions of arabs all over the world specially in IRAQ And Palestine Like It Is a Hobby Of some kind .

and waging wars againts them in the name of libretating while in fact they are just stealing their oil and natural fortune . which they propably have tons of them in their homeland ... eg(America) .

and when a citzen in an arabic country dies they treat it like shit . they are videos showing what i am saying

BUT When An American Soldier (Sometimes From His FRIEND BULLET) It Is All Over The news Channel And Magazine.
I Really Think Arabs Should get A little More Respect and treated with more FAIR
by iraqi person July 19, 2009
Arabs are those speaking Arabic. They are different races. Indigenous arabs (Yemenites) and Caldanian arabs related to Abraham (Prophet mohammed and Arab jews before islam (eastern suadi nowadays)) and then many other races became part of the Arabic nation after the expansion of Islamic empire.e.g. Egypt.
Caldanian Arabs: Iraqis, Baharna (eastern saudi, histrorical bahrain), Hashimites (the prophet Mohammed);related to Prophet Abraham.

Indigenous arabs: the Yemenites; directly related to YA'RUB the son of SAM the son of Noah (YA'RUB=the first who talked arabic).
by Diebel March 25, 2010
The term "Arabs" is a term often used to describe people from mainly Arabic speaking countries. Many un-enlightened people use "Arabs" to define people who they believe to be Arabs, but may infact be Indians, or any number of other nationalities. Commonly pronounced "A-rabs" when the term is intended to be a insult.

Links that may be of further interest: The middle east, Iraq
"See those lovely Arabs talking over there? They are my new in-laws."
by Jessica T July 24, 2005
corruption of the word arab, which refers to a muslim majority ethnic group from the middle east. arabs are the 4th most decriminated ethnic group in the US, just under blacks, jews, and gays.
just becuase theres a few arabs in this world willing to strap bombs to their chest and kill u and a few dozen around you, it doesnt mean all of them are like that or think like that. as it says in the bible, god loves ALL his children, including the good and bad arabs, the blacks, and even the shouldnt judge 250 million people based on one guy(bin laden), just as u cant judge the us based on one president
by the rekad playa December 06, 2004

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