Someone who has an Arabic name is usually an Arab or Arabic in descent. They usually speak the language Arabic and predominantly live in North Africa or the Middle East. They are a Semitic people, like the Hebrew-speaking Jews.

An Arab is not necessarily a Muslim and a Muslim is not necessarily an Arab. Islam was founded in an Arab nation and the Qur'an is written in Arabic. However, Islam spread to many other parts of the Old World immediately following its founding, to places where Arabs do not reside, such as Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim state. Therefore, there are many more non-Arab Muslims in the world than Arab Muslims. Arabs however are also Catholics and there are even some Arab Jews.
He is an Arab who lives in Saudi Arabia.
Abdullah is an Arab, but he does not practise Islam.
by jthom9 January 22, 2009
An arab is a person who speaks arabic as first language with an arab cultural background. It's not about ethnicity.
An Arab can be blond with blue eyes or Black etc..
by Khayam August 05, 2008
Always stereotyped for being really really religious and faithful since the prophet Muhammad was also an Arab.But in reality many of them are just as corrupted as we are.
Khairul just made his 100th trip to the casino this month.
by horseyrain January 08, 2005
A group of people. Arabs have a rich culture and heritage. Some are bad; some are good. Arabs are like any other race. This group of people is now a scapegoat for ignorant rednecks. I am a typical white American and I have glimpsed racism against this group of people. I am truly sorry.
Redneck: LOOK ARABS! They're terrorists!
Me: Be silent. I'm German. Does that mean I hate Jews? Open your mind and see all people as your brothers and sisters.
by A Christian, June 29, 2006
Arab is a linguistical and cultural label, not a race. For example, most north africans are genetically berber yet they are culturally arab and identify with the rest of arabs. Phenotipically they range from blond blue-eyed, to brown skinned and black eyed.
Guy Hey look at that guy! He says he is an arab but he is white.
Me That's because arabs is not a race dumbass
by mohammed3ever November 02, 2007
Arabs form a distinct yet diverse ethnic group, unified by the fact that most (although not all) speak one of the many dialects of the Arabic language. The majority of Arabs are Muslims, although many are Christians, and a small but growing number are atheists.
Countries in which the majority of the population are ethnically Arabs include Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Oman and Kuwait.
There are also approximately 12 million Arabs in Brazil, 1.4 million in the State of Israel and 1.2 million in the USA. In the USA, only 24% of Arabs are Muslims, while 63% are Christians (most of the rest are nonreligious).
Only about 2% of the population of Iran are Arabs, with the majority of the population being Persians (who are completely different to Arabs). Less than 1% of the population of Afghanistan are Arabs, with the majority being Pashtuns (who are also completely different).
"French soccer player Zinedine Zidane is a Berber, not an Arab."

"Barack Obama is not, by any definition, an Arab. However, alternative candidate for US president Ralph Nader is an Arab. Not that such a fact should alter ones opinion of him."
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009
Other than the obvious....

Arabs are what the fans of Dundee United FC are known as. The nickname stems from their excessively sandy football (soccer) pitch, which in turn is due to their geology on the East coast of Scotland.

Fans will often dress for the occasion in a caricatured Westernised robe and headdress, although last time I checked abstention from alcohol was not part of the MO.
The 1994 Scottish Cup Final had the Arabs of Dundee partying all night long.
by Craig McLaughlin April 03, 2007
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