According to the 2004 census, Arab Americans are the most educated minority group in the US: 71% hold bachelor degrees or above and 32% hold graduate degrees. 21% hold PhD’s. Arab Americans are the founders of some 400 major national firms, and CEOs of more than 635 national companies, many of them among the Fortune 2,500 companies. Arabs total contribution to the US economy is estimated at more than $750 billion
without arabs the american economy would crumble.
by sehs5375 June 21, 2005
group of people who share common cultures from Middle East and speak Arabic. Those are Arabs by and from birth. You can be converted to Muslim but not Arab. ALL arabs being muslim is misconception. The majority of muslims are dwelling in Asia. And not all arabs are terrorists. That is a racial misconception from ignorant people. The very same racist crap that Hollywood and the media use to buffer their hate on a single group of people.
Arabs look and come in different physical characteristics as well as in person. As there are bad Arabs and good Arabs, there are good Americans and bad Americans. Arabs need to be treated fairly.
by T-Kim October 29, 2005
A group of people. Arabs have a rich culture and heritage. Some are bad; some are good. Arabs are like any other race. This group of people is now a scapegoat for ignorant rednecks. I am a typical white American and I have glimpsed racism against this group of people. I am truly sorry.
Redneck: LOOK ARABS! They're terrorists!
Me: Be silent. I'm German. Does that mean I hate Jews? Open your mind and see all people as your brothers and sisters.
by A Christian, June 29, 2006
Guys, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop being so racist to these people.
I live in the middle east and i have ALOT of arab friends, and they are GOOD PEOPLE. Most of them speak english so i was able to interact with them easily. They are NORMAL people, just like Americans, or people from Britain, or people from Canada, or WHATEVER. They laugh, they joke, they socialize, they go to school, they have jobs ( and let me add that most of them do their jobs WELL), they are NOT terrorists, and just cuz someone is arab, doesnt mean theyre not a good person. Yeah, some people have done bad stuff, like murder, or suicide, or robbery, but every country has that. EVERY SINGLE ONE, OK? Andd I know when you all think of arabs, you picture someone in ur head, wearing some sort of rag on their head, waving a stick in the air and screaming " F$(#$ AMERICA!" I dont blame you. This is what all the (FAKE) news reports say about them, but have u actually met, or spoken to, an average arab? Probably not. So stop judging them, please. Theyre nice people.
" Hey, why were ya speakin to him? He's a freaking arab."
" So?"
" Theyre terrorists!!"
" Nah, hes a nice guy."
" But he's arab"
" Doesnt mean he's a bad person."
" Well... ok"
by ahemahem December 31, 2009
Yeah Arabs may not be a race but that don’t stop white people (well most Americans) from throwing us into a category. They fuckin label us as terrorist and afraid we going to blow up the plane they about to get on.
So fuckin tired of getting looks at the airport...... No bitch i do not have a bomb or a box cutter on me
by angryarab March 31, 2005
A person from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, or other country in that region.
I stopped in Mecca to see what was there. All that I saw was A-rabs.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
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