a) (In North America)A group of people from south west asia and north africa most notable for large acts of terrorism, kidnapping, genocide, censorship, violence and the supports thereof, but also credited for fucking our economy by raping oil prices and buying large hotel chains so they can extort us into paying extra. (however, the majority of Arabs don't like or even hate these things just as much as Americans, as their dictatorial governments support these ideals)
b) (In North America) Any suspicious looking individual, or any individual often randomly selected for extra airport security
c) (In Israel) The worst insult a person can call you
d) (Elsewhere) A lovely and smart group of people originating from south west Asia and north Africa characterized by computer programming, cool hotels, discipline, honor, integrity, efficiency, order and being hated by Americans
a)Damn those fuckin' terrorist A-rabs, destroying them towers in New York, fuckin camels, shit smelling deoderant makes em smell better, I'd like to see some come to Texas, to see how kindly we take to terrorists. we gonna realize how stupid we are to hate them for what a few of them did, but until them we gonna fuckin hate them.

b) Bob: I heard she got caught up in some issues with the TSA.
Bill: They musta thought she was an Arab.

c) Eli: Perez, you fuckin backstabbing son of an Arab!
Noam: Are you gonna take that shit from Eli?
Perez: Oh it's on. (pulls out uzi, shoots Eli through the nuts)
Moishe: Y u note use nuclear warhid?
Perez: eh... is first fuck up. Khekhel is back at behss aiming at him for next time.

d) I love arabs so much, they are a lovely and misunderstood people, because a few of them took the terms "kill" and "infidel" out of context, and completely overlooked the dhimmi laws, and many Americans think they're all terrorists. And muslims in general even. I apologize on behalf of ignorance and bigotry of some a few uneducated xenopobes.
by American10101 June 01, 2011
Top Definition
Arab= Arabian. Arabic is their main language and alot of arabs also speak other languages. Arabic can be spoken in diffrent "accents" and alot of words are diffrent from one country to another but it's all the same language. For example in the UK we say "Biscuit" in the USA they say "Cookie". Thats just a small example but yeah it's kinda like that a Iraqi might not understand everything a egyptian would say because of their accent.

Anyone who comes from the middle east and north Africa, alot of whom leave all around the world, but orginate from there.

Most of the population is Muslim but you can also get other relgions among Arabs e.g. Christians, Jews and some are ethicists but this is rare.
Warning, not all arabs are suicide bombers!

Seriously like no more than 100 that are alive today are planning to blow something up, and probablly won't anyway.
by arab+gangsta January 02, 2006
A word used to describe people from the Middle East. It is often used wrongly in describing Muslims.
There over 1 billion Muslims in the world and the majority are not Arab.
by ForFreedom February 24, 2006
Here is a definition for those full of hatery towards Arabs. These are the facts: Arabs are the people who discover algorithmics (all computer science is based on algorithmics), first to perform a surgery on patient, invented the number zero, invented astronomy and cartography (maps), etc etc etc. While you could find 10000 books (on paper) in the libraries of Baghdad in the 7th century, you would be happy to find 5 books in europe (Arabs introduced the paper to europe). Read about their history and then you will never say a thing about Arabs.
Avicen, Averros, Beh Khaldoun, Ghazali, etc etc are some of the names that marked Arab civilization, a civilization that lasted 8 centuries. When Arabs were writing math and astronomy formulas, your primitive ancestors were wondering around in european forrests killing each other.
by XOPBB August 05, 2006
A member of the Arabic people, who inhabit the Middle East. Often targeted by the American media as terrorists, the people for whom to blame our problems upon. Many Arabs are of the Islamic faith, although there are many other religious groups as well. Stereotyped as turban-wearing, grinning madmen carrying AK47s, Arabs have contributed greatly to modern society and formed many great empires in the past.
Hey, I wonder what race that guy is?
Don't know, he might be an Arab.
by Profound Q February 01, 2006
1. Jesus was not an Arab, jesus was a Jew.

2. Not all people from the middle east are arabs - take for example the turks or the persians (iranians) or the jews for that matter. (people from the middle east are known as semites).

'arabs' refers to a large number (some 250 million) of people inhabiting most of the middle east and north africa that speak Arabic as a language, share similar customs, cuisines and lifestyles, and a more or less common history.

There are arabs of many different races, from black arabs in some of the north african countries to blond haired blue eyed arabs on the mediterranean to the stereotypical tanned/dark featured arab, therefore 'race' is not really a defining factor in terming someone an arab.

Also the term 'Arab' should not be confused with the term 'muslim' as not all muslims are arabs and equally not all arabs are muslims (there are christian arabs and even jewish arabs).

Shame on some of the small-minded ignorant users of this page for the highly malicious, prejudicial and ill-informed views they hold.
The Arabs are a nation bound together by a shared history and culture.
by Col. April 17, 2004
1) A convenient scapegoat for north-americans to blame when their greed exceeds their capacity for reason.

2) A generic term in which the average american cracker can safely express their intolerance.

"Hey man, I dont want those Consult time line living in my neighborhood."

2005 - Arabs
1940 - Niggers
1890 - Micks, Wops, Dago's
by Crazy Otto September 17, 2005
A beautiful people originating in the middle east. Known for their contributions to civilization, science, literature and more. In addition to being smart and beautiful Arabs are known for their courage. A people greatly misunderstood in the United States.
I have alot of friends who are Arab..good people.
by dearborn1 June 06, 2005
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