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Just like Cha-ha. A word that means, Im really laughing but totally not. It can be used as a cover up word. If you didnt mean to say whatever just came out of your mouth, you can cover it up with an ar gar. Also, you can use ar gar as a surfer laugh. Just like cha ha. Like..cha ha that was great. Surfs up, ar gar.
Ar gar. I'm such a retard.

Ar gar. That was like, sooo funny.

Ar gar. (I didnt really mean to say that but it came out anyway so I'll cover it up with Ar gar)
by Cristen to the M. June 24, 2005
Argar is another name for a disabled person.
Look at that Argar over there.
#argar #disabled #mental #spacker #retard
by HHUK January 13, 2007
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