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Aquaintance zone is like friend zone only one step further and much more degrading.
"Thank you for carrying in the couch for me; you're such a great aquaintance!"
"Ooohhh! You just got aquaintance zoned!"
by The Incredible Introvert March 10, 2014
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When a situation goes from, romances, bromances, friendzones to the nope zone. It's time to label it and call the time of death as Aquaintance Zone. It was already feeling weird, awkward, twighlight zone-ish. Now things aren't what either of you wanted and you may be in the grey area, so this helps you decide to phase it out in a friendly way. You taper off, slowly. It's better than ghosting. Ghosting is harsh and it is for that last resort for cutting ties completely.
Person: I thought we were friends and this was going somewhere?
You: Well, honestly we were in the friendzone, but now we're definitely in the Aquaintance Zone. Have a good one.
by lelalelo March 21, 2017
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