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A person who is always drinking water.
Someone who constantly promts the virtues of drinking 8 glasses of water a day.
We just stopped for a bathroom break 15 minutes ago, your such a aquaholic.
by Vinny March 01, 2005
A person addicted to watersports such as whitewater kayaking, kite surfing, or other extreme sports.
That guy is an aquaholic, you only see him out on the water.
by David Fulle August 11, 2006
Someone who is constantly drinking water, spouting off about the health benefits of always staying hydrated, and likes to be seen sipping from designer bottled water.
You're such an aquaholic, I can't believe you're drinking water from the Antartic ice shelf.
by Phil F October 20, 2005
One addicted to the sea
You go to the beach all the time you aquaholic.
by oceansole621 March 28, 2015
One who is obsessed with keeping fish as pets. Aquaholics generally start with small tanks but quickly feel the need to populate their tanks with the largest amount of cool fish possible, followed by a desire to get even bigger and bigger tanks of all different types until their personal domain resembles a professional aquarium.
Dude, we don't have room for a 350 gallon fish tank on our pad - Go work at an aquarium you damned aquaholic!
by Misadventure August 27, 2008
One who is afflicted with a chronic psycological disorder associated with excessive and compulsive participation in extreme water sports. True fanaticism can lead to the loss of spouces, families, friends and jobs. Someone who is an aquaholic may have not have much of a social life from exhaustion from their water sport, or from lack of free time because their water sport takes up their life.
Jake: Hey Liz! wanna go to the movies with me friday night?

Liz:Sorry, I can't. I have swim practice from 6-9.

Jake:What about after?

Liz:I'll be sleeping.

Jake:..can't you skip swim?

Liz:Hecks no!


Liz: Yup!
by Lizzzum[Liz] August 07, 2008
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