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A person who defecates in any body of water, whether for their own enjoyment or out of necessity.
We thought Phil was an aquadooker for a second, but it turned out that he just dropped his Snickers bar in the pool.

Don't go swimming at Alicia's lake house...the next door neighbor is an aquadooker, so there is always a possibility that you'll swim into a submerged poo.

There isn't a port-a-potty within 2 miles of this lake! It looks like I'm going to have to be an aquadooker.
by zeeduke February 25, 2010
5 2
A piece of larger fecal matter released in water. An aqua-dooker may sometimes float.
I proceeded to make an aqua-dooker in Henry's kiddie pool.
by Zach Beyer February 21, 2005
7 4