buttox of a woman that resemble the sexual image of a beautiful tropical apple.
i wanna hit dat bitch from the apple bottoms. damm!!
by Samuel the shigadeidei December 18, 2005
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A girl with a nice, big, round, juicy booty.
"Like Me"
That girl got the tightess apple bottom I've ever seen!!!

She got an apple bottom.

Her apple bottom is like wo!!!
by Tierra November 25, 2003
a female that has a large, round ass
That girl apple bottom is looking right
by Jermeshia Ames February 10, 2004
An ass that has nice, round, plump cheeks. When apple bottom girls wear tight jeans, their ass cheeks bunch up in the bottom of their pants in a way that resembles the bottom of an apple.
This word was coined by porn sites. If you even know it that means you've gone searching for apple bottoms just like me. Spell it APPLE BOTTOM! with a "!" Because they are exciting.
by yobastanker November 03, 2004
a person who has a large perfectly round derriere.
Check out that chick's apple bottoms in those jeans!
by SMC November 18, 2003
brand of clothin by nelly for girls with big bootys...apple shaped
apple bottom jeans dont fit too well...they've got a funny fit, espacially for a girl with a big booty
by anonymous June 23, 2004
nicely shaped booty
My girl's got that apple bottom. Especially in those jeans!
by vonnie June 21, 2003
A ass that is round at the top and bottom and pokes out from the back. A shapely butt.
J-lo, Venus and the girls at www.applebottomgirls.net have apple bottoms!
by smooth May 06, 2005

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