a finger of many different shapes andsizes. 2 people who origionally are from new mexico(not swedish land)kid who kicks a dog ball it thing. an asshole who dumps you because you have nothing in commin. a bitch who dumps you bacause she is retarted and later sees that you r perfect for her(but who cares your gay). a lady who loves pears. a do with a big dick. an orange girl. a girl who could feed a thuird world contry. a tractor that is sexy.
you are an apple, and an apple thats an apple!
by tractor sexy May 10, 2005
Slang for the head of the penis. To offer someone apple, is to suggest they suck your cock.
by Piggy Noles October 07, 2003
A computer system.
Apples are idiot friendly, and instead of upgrading, you just toss the one you have and buy a new one! It's that easy! Unfourtuanly they are useless piles of garbage, and not worth your time or money
by skylar November 16, 2003
An OS maker (among other things) whose GUI seems to give half the Windows computing world orgasms. Go onto any major skinning site (deviantART being a particularly nasty example), and search for "most popular" Visual Styles or the equivalent. Instead of getting lots of innovative and interesting themes, you are flooded with countless versions of things with names like "Milk," "Aqua," and "Brushed Metal." They aren't that amazing looking.

Also annoying are the various Dock apps. The Dock has little use other than to look pretty and eat CPU.

If you really must be lazy in your skinning, just go buy a darn iMac and let the rest of us skin creatively.
ZOMG i made my PC look like a maC!!10ne!~
i m so l33t now!
by zergberg March 26, 2005
A great computer hardware/software company. Period. People who tout the benefits of Windows-based machines are inflexible, incorrigible, and inept. Take a look at the votes given to other definitions of apple. Notice that Carlos Net's spectacular entry has more than twice the number of thumbs-ups than thumbs-downs. Notice also that all of the entries bashing on Apple Computers received overwhelming amounts of thumbs-downs. Just take a look, you sorry little Windows-users, trapped in your cages of XP, ME, NT, and 2K. I pity you.
Mmmm...Apple's G5 tower...*drools*
by Coolguy! May 23, 2005
1. Fruit; grown mostly in Washington.
2. Dying computer company that boasts the best hardware around, but cannot compete with the versatility and cost-effectiveness of PCs
1. Are those Apples ripe?
2. God, I wish Apple would just lay down and die already.
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
a shitty computer used only by losers who need to stop sucking bill gates penis

by 69 November 10, 2004

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