Referring to a boy with a large boner. This comes from the popularly known Brady Middle School gym teacher Mr. Apple who often had a boner during class.
Joey Fatone had a huge apple while performing in rent. I was sitting in the front row, and it narrowly hit me in the face.
by Joey Fatone January 08, 2005
no big deal, nothing of importance
She's getting all pissed off over apples!
by nena January 01, 2004
alchohol, anything that gets you retarted
so can i get some apples?; those apples got me fucked up
by Jonny Harrington December 10, 2007
a very successful company which invented the ipods and all the exquisite mac computers.
when you say somthing is very Apple
it means something that has a similar style of Apple's
such as minimalism and fine typographic design.
or simply it is just cool, cutting edge and state of the art.
also the exact opposite(antonym) of the word Microsoft
A: wow this television is so user-friendly! simple and neat !
B: yea it's very apple.
by lllllawrence February 02, 2007
One of the best computer makers, they also make the Ipod which is very popular.
Man my apple computer own windows.
by Logan Donoughe February 21, 2006
1. A red fruit that grows on trees

2. A brand of computer that boasts they "don't crash as much". This is probably because all the software is also made by apple, and is thusly overpriced. I'm sure if every application made to run on a windows pc were tested by microsoft, there would be less problems.
Person A: Dude, I just got this sweet Apple! It never crashes!
Person B: What games do you have on it?
Person A: Nobody makes games for Apples... *begins crying*
by shiznannigan December 26, 2003
a finger of many different shapes andsizes. 2 people who origionally are from new mexico(not swedish land)kid who kicks a dog ball it thing. an asshole who dumps you because you have nothing in commin. a bitch who dumps you bacause she is retarted and later sees that you r perfect for her(but who cares your gay). a lady who loves pears. a do with a big dick. an orange girl. a girl who could feed a thuird world contry. a tractor that is sexy.
you are an apple, and an apple thats an apple!
by tractor sexy May 10, 2005

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