A red or green circlish object in which you eat,has a core,and a stem.(a fruit)
I ate an apple today it was yummy!
by Kelsy and Macie February 14, 2008
delicious food you eat,also makes you more intelligent while holding.
I love love these apples charlie.
by charliesapples13 January 28, 2011
An apple is a type of fruit
Apple bong
by Briany911 November 12, 2008
apples r so awesome and delicious!
today i ate an apple.
by lafalot May 17, 2008
a fruit that beggins with the letter a
i like to eat lots of apples so the doctor will go away
by Eric Desautel November 24, 2007
a sun-burnt white person. Red on the outside, white on the inside.
Hey look at that surfing apple.
by Syk0-Assass!n June 12, 2003
1)The thing that knocks Newton's head.
2)Another name for a red fat monster
3)A home for worms
5)The first company to produce a touchable telephone
'Fuck! I was knocked by an APPLE!' Newton
by Castfield March 02, 2009
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