The part of the eye, as yet undiscovered by scientists, which reveals loving feelings for others, usually family members, close friends and sometimes, even school kids.
you are the apple of my eye
by drummunkey November 25, 2010
Apple- a word that can mean any other word
you are such an apple!
translation- you are such a weirdo!
by Zenon1 May 17, 2008
a fruit i eat
go suck an apple !
by thatemokid13 August 10, 2008
A codename for weed
Duude, my friends and i smoked like 5 apples last night
by funymonkeyX May 01, 2011
As well as a fruit, Apple is also a computer company that far out does any other. Their computers along with their iPods, iPhones, iPads, and iHomes, will soon take over the world.
"My new Apple computer rocks! " Said Sally.

"Whoa, my Apple iPod never freezes!" Exclaimed Dween.
by an intelligent human. February 02, 2010
sometimes....a "juicy apple" a nice know..."apple bottom jeans"....
I just loooooove a nice juicy apple.
by LNix101 August 27, 2008
The last line of defense against Microsoft taking over the world.
If it wasn't for Apple, Microsoft would've already taken over.
by Mr. Hamster Man November 28, 2009

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