Want an apple?
Lets go eat an apple together!
You make me horny, I feel like eating an apple.
by deserted island February 23, 2009
Someone who sleeps around, is promiscuous, sells their body for money/crack, etc. Synonyms: slut, sleazy suzie,holla back girl,crack whore, slutbag, whorebag, etc. someone who is just all around a very appley individual
ex. 1
guy 1: hey dude, you see that girl? she's somethin, isn't she?
guy 2: ya, i slept with her last night actually. she's really just a huge apple
guy 1: she's my girlfriend...
guy 2: oh....
(awkward pause)
guy 1: ya, what an apple.

ex 2

guy 1: hey dude, you see that guy?
guy 3: the one who just said he did your girlfriend?
guy 1: ya, him. what a fuckin man-apple
by the Webster Dictionary June 09, 2008
where you stick a apple in a girls mouth and give her anal so she cant squel
a pig with an apple in it's mouth
by lotaz December 08, 2007
A sort of red fruit that grows on trees.
Organic apples look like caramel bunnies.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
The part of the eye, as yet undiscovered by scientists, which reveals loving feelings for others, usually family members, close friends and sometimes, even school kids.
you are the apple of my eye
by drummunkey November 25, 2010
Apple- a word that can mean any other word
you are such an apple!
translation- you are such a weirdo!
by Zenon1 May 17, 2008
a fruit i eat
go suck an apple !
by thatemokid13 August 10, 2008

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